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Search something from a different country, language, search engine and device. Make it simple and fast.

Banner Search Simulator

About: This free tool was made so you can simulate the search results from a different country, language, and device.

How to use:

Why this is useful?

Since Search Engines show different results for a specific location, devices, and languages we want to build this to check how Google is ranking a certain website or showing a specific ad.

If you're doing SEO this is relevant to see your search results and optimize for that use case; Or if you're doing SEA and buying a certain keyword on Google Ads, your want to check if that is showing on target language and location that you select.


Since 2017 Google is making search more specific and personalized. So if you are accessing Google from the US it will serve you, but if you're accessing from Brazil you will get and because of that even if you try to force the domain, you still get the same results. (location data-based)

You can go around this using a VPN to simulate you're in a different region and your IP address, but you still got change settings on your browser and computer, and also make sure you're not logged or have any cookies. That can cost you money and time.

To make this easier and free we built this tool.

See more about search results and ad ranking on how search works.